Saturday, December 18, 2010

Doug being an idiot -- An example of checking the most obvious thing first...

Early this morning I set myself onto what should be the relatively simple task of installing a LAMP development environment in my Ubuntu virtualbox. I used aptitude to grab apache2, mysql, php5, etc. To test that I correctly had everything working (and because its useful in general) I grabbed phpmyadmin. Upon browsing to http::/localhost/phpmyadmin I noticed Apache was not running the index.php file, instead my browser downloaded the file. I must be forgetting to install something.

I initially suspected this problem to be related to not having the php5 Apache module installed (a separate package from the base php5 one). After installing/refreshing I still had the problem. Browsing to the IP address directly (http://<ipaddr>/phpmyadmin/) did not show the problem. phpmyadmin worked fine. Even browsing to didn't show the problem. It all worked. Only http://localhost had the problem. WTF! I suspected a directive in the Apache config made the site available for web users but not through the localhost. I was sure there was something with the name "localhost" somewhere in the config file. After coming up with nothing, I tried changing "localhost" to "localhost2" in my hosts file. Chrome still showed the same bad behavior for http://localhost, even though it shouldn't even be able to contact the web server at all  now! WTF... Wait a second I thought. I bet Chrome is caching this crap and redownloading from the cache.

Resetting my hosts file, I loaded up Firefox, browsed to http://localhost and it worked. Clearing Chrome's cache also got this to work.

Damnit, I'm an idiot.

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